Burning Platforms

Burning Platforms is a fortnightly virtual forum covering the latest in technology news, events and policy.

This fortnight we ask 'Will Technology Really Save the Planet?'

As the world's leaders debate the future of the planet, technology is being put forward as the solution to the earth's climate woes. But will smart energy networks, AI and Bitcoin really save us? As part of the annual NetThing internet governance conference, this week's Burning Platforms dives deep into the environmental impacts of technology.

This and more in the always busy world of tech!

Join our regular panellists:

  • Peter Lewis, Director of The Australia Institute’s Centre for Responsible Technology
  • Lizzie O' Shea, Chair of Digital Rights Watch

And special guest:

  • Benedetta Brevini, academic and author of 'Is AI Good for the Planet?'

RSVP using the NetThing conference registration here. (This will also give you access to the full two-day program). 

November 05, 2021 at 1:00pm - 2pm