Disconnect: Why We Get Pushed to Extremes Online and How to Stop It


Disconnect is a lively, topical look at the rise of internet extremism and what we can do about it

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Our Book

The Public Square Project: Reimagining Our Digital Future

A new blueprint for a more democratic digital space.

Western democracy has always been anchored by the idea of a public space where people gather to share ideas, mediate difference and make sense of the world. When Facebook blocked Australian users from viewing or sharing news in 2021, it sounded the alarm worldwide on our growing reliance on global tech companies to fulfil this critical role in a digital world. Facebook's hostile act, constituting a very real threat to participatory democracy, was a direct response to government attempts to regulate Big Tech's advertising monopoly and to mediate its impact on public interest journalism.

The conflict sparked a new sense of urgency around the growing movement to imagine alternative digital spaces that operate in the public interest rather than simply for a commercial bottom line. Can we create sustainable media models to help us tackle society's problems? Can we engender a civic platform built on facts and civility? Can we control the power of our data and use it to promote the common good? 

The Public Square Project draws together leading tech scholars, industry experts, writers and activists to chart a path towards a public square worthy of the name.

Our Submissions

No ‘Responsible AI’ without transparency and accountability: Submission to the Consultation on Safe and responsible AI in Australia

Inquiry into online gambling and its impacts on problem gambler: Submission 

No choice, no rules - Submission to the ACCC Digital Platforms Inquiry - March 2023 Report on social media services Issues Paper

Meaningful action, not more misinformed pledges - Submission to the review of the Australian Code of Practice on Disinformation and Misinformation

Tech reform and rebuild - Submission to the Inquiry into Social Media and Online Safety

Blinding Big Brother - Submission to the Privacy Act Review 

Protecting our privacy online - Submission to the Online Privacy Bill

Defining limits and purpose - Submission to the ACCC Digital Platform Services Inquiry – report on general online retail marketplaces

False choice - Submission to the ACCC Digital Platform Services Inquiry third interim report

Our attention for sale - Response to the ACCC Digital Advertising Services Inquiry interim report

Stretching the spectrum of online safety - Submission to the new Online Safety Bill

Mandatory bargaining code legislation submission

Ensuring a strong and meaningful Code on Disinformation - Submission to the Australian Code of Practice on Disinformation

Searching for a solution - Submission to the ACCC News media bargaining code

Workplace surveillance - Submission to the Select Committee on the Impact of Technological Change on the Future of Work

I, Robodebt - Submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission discussion paper on human rights and technology