Tech check Digest - 1 Feb 2022


Tech Check – 2022 Summer Relaunch

Welcome to what comes next!

After the summer of freedom that came at a heavy cost, we are back to promote the cause of well-designed regulation of network technology.

Catching our eye over the summer:

+ The steady of march surveillance in the name of public health continued over summer.  

+ Facebook’s continued assertion it is bigger than government: Meta ‘most reluctant’ to work with government 

+ Our good friend Ed Santow’s pivot into academia  

+ ABC's foray into user data collection for all the wrong reasons - great analysis from Anna Johnston at Salingers

The AFL’s bizarre foray into the crypto game

+ And another call from Australians for more control over how their information is used 


Also over the break:

E-Safety Commissioner Julia Inman Grant’s new powers

Submissions for review of the Privacy Act were completed

The Inquiry into Social Media and Online Safety held public hearings:

  • Read all the submissions here
  • Australia’s online safety reform ‘not worthy of its name’ (via InnovationAus)
  • Google and Meta on the defensive in Australian social media probe (via ZDNet)
  • Craig Kelly rebukes Google and Facebook for removal of his content at social media inquiry (via The Guardian
  • Big Tech says it is confused by Australia’s growing online safety laws (via InnovationAus)
  • And our opening remarks

And we will be digging deeper into the inquiry with Deputy Chair Tim Watts our first Burning Platforms webinar for 2022: Friday February 4 at 1pm