Tech Talk 2021: So did anything happen over summer?

The first Tech Talk session for 2021 kicks off an explosive start to the year recapping the events that played out over summer including the passing of world-first legislation forcing Google and Facebook to pay for news - the News Media Bargaining Code.

Watch the first Tech Talk for 2021 below:

Key points:

- The News Media Bargaining Code is not perfect but is a good start in addressing the decline of public interest journalism due to digital platform dominance.

- Critics express that it will have harmful unintended consequences, and ignore the role some media companies provide in spreading disinformation.

- The ACCC Digital Platform Inquiry had many recommendations (of which the Code is only one), and it's important that those recommendations are developed.

- Facebook's decision to block news sites, which ended up including non-news public service profiles was universally panned.

- Our over-reliance on Facebook, whether you're a commercial business, a not-for-profit or an individual was clearly demonstrated. 

- This year will present many opportunities to rein in Big Tech and advocate for individual digital rights, including the Online Safety Act update, the Disinformation Code, the Ad-tech inquiry, and the Privacy Act update.