Tech Talk - Identity Theft, Chipageddon and Facebook's 'Supreme Court’

A lot of new developments in the world of technology, including policy updates in the European Commission, computer chips running out, and the thorny problem of content moderation:

Key points:

- As part of Privacy Week, Digital Rights Watch is hosting a walking tour of Melbourne city, helping to be aware of surveillance around the city.

- ACCC inquiries continue apace, including the default choice screen on Android.

- The European AI framework has promising developments, including calling for the ban on facial recognition technology.

- Netflix documentary 'Coded Bias' provides a good explainer on AI bias and potential issues.

- Manufacturing of computer chips is concentrated mostly in Korea and Japan, and we often don't think about the hardware behind our online platforms, smartphones and our online experience in general. There is a coming 'chipageddon' where we are starting to run out of chips.

- There are a lot of issues associated with the creation of computer chips, including the often unstable geopolitics surrounding production regions, exploitative work practices, and the overall culture of waste.

- There are also questions around why we need to create connected, 'smart', chip-powered devices for many things (e.g refrigerators). The IoT industry is not being looked at enough.

- Content moderation is a huge issue, particularly for Facebook, which continues to be plagued with issues.

- We should consider employing content moderators as a core part of any online platform or publisher, not as outsourced or optional resources, but as a key part of audience-facing websites and apps.